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"The Rainbow Smiles" by Aarini Sharma

>> 12 October 2010

She had heard the voice many a times. In her dreams, in her fantasies, in her thoughts, amidst all the crowd and din. It was clear in her mind as if somebody has been whispering in her ears for long. As she would be sitting on that mango tree, her eyes would be looking at the space next to her many a times. And she would silently fold her hands at the distant sounds of the “aarti” which mom would be singing. Mom said she belonged to trees, birds and skies. While everybody thought she was a  happy go lucky child, only a mom’s heart could see through that she never conversed. Never bared her heart to anybody.  But she being the hopeful one would never give up!! She would still search for that voice which matched hers, the eyes which would mirror her true reflection and a silhouette by which she would be able to sit shoulder to shoulder. And she had promised herself that her voice will only find way when she would find those ears which will not listen to the tone but the intent behind it.

One of those days in her solitary pursuit, she stumbled upon a stone. They were words engraved on it in Red, words which sprung from stone and started conversing with her. She was mesmerised!! She tried to walk past the stone, but there was something which kept her drawing back there.  It felt to her as if these words were just meant for her, especially carved out of somebody’s heartiest desires. She tried to find the source, but could find none. The voice had drawn closer.  Something told her that if she sat by the stone and waited, her lifelong search will reach its destination. So she sat by it. There was a certain sort of solace there, where she had not been able to find anywhere. She would sit and chat with it, speak of her dreams, lost and found, her trials and tribulations, laugh her heart out, cried on her bruises and marks. She knew it heard, it responded, gave its advice, wiped her tears and applauded at her success. Days grew into nights, nights to dawns and she could hear the voice drawing closer.  Something within her told her that her quest would be ending soon. 

It was one of those days when the springs had drawn nearer, the rains had washed off the lush green fields and bright yellow flowers had started smiling. She had slept off thinking about the voice and in her dreams she heard it loud and clear “today you will find me”.  She woke up with a start as her forehead perspired. Somewhere a dawn was breaking and as she rubbed her eyes, “He” stood there smiling at her. And as she looked at him she realised she “always knew” him. The voice came and embraced her. She suddenly knew she belonged!! 

A bright rainbow smiled somewhere!!


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